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Thank You for considering Security Force One, LLC for your security service needs.

Our security services are designed to fit your needs.

Long term or short term, big or small we are here to help 

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Alt text: "Promotional image for Security Force One, LLC., highlighting their Commercial Security services. A cluster of towering skyscrapers dominates the skyline, symbolizing the urban commercial landscape that Security Force One protects. The company's slogan 'Your Safety Is Our Business' is prominently displayed, reinforcing their commitment to safeguarding business environments

Security Force One understands that the safety of your employees, clients, and visitors is critical to the success of your business. As a result, our security guards maintain a high level of alertness and proficiency, ensuring a level of defense that will protect your commercial success.

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Taking site security measures can help eliminate construction site theft and vandalism, assist law enforcement in apprehending a job site thief, and reduce injury while assisting you in responding to emergencies and safety protocol violations.

A security officer from Security Force One, LLC., is actively monitoring a retail environment for loss prevention. He is dressed in a dark blue uniform with 'SECURITY' emblazoned on the back, speaking into a walkie-talkie. In the background, mannequins are displayed in a store's window, illustrating the retail setting he is safeguarding. The image caption 'Loss Prevention' emphasizes the focus on protecting retail assets, with the company's slogan 'Your Safety Is Our Business' reinforcing their commitment to security.

Loss prevention security guards are most effective when they prevent crimes from occurring. Our guards can be proactive and vigilant by remaining vigilant.

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Our security services include round-the-clock fire watch guards who will conduct sweeps and patrols at predetermined intervals based on your needs.

A security officer in a dark uniform with the word 'SECURITY' across the back stands watch in a residential parking lot. The setting is a sunny day at a multi-story apartment complex with white and stone facades. The officer's posture suggests vigilance and readiness, underscoring their role in ensuring the safety and security of the residential area

Having security guards for your residential property can improve the environment, make the tenants feel safe & add value to the property.

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Armed security service  are private security guards that are hired to protect an area, a person or persons from potential attack, hostilities or criminal activities.

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  • Commercial, Industrial, Residential

  • High Rise Office Buildings

  • Access Control

  • Apartments

  • Residential

  • Business Parks

  • Warehouses

  • Parking Lots

  • Construction

  • Condominiums

  • Storage Centers

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • School

  • Private and Government Facilities

  • Retail Loss Prevention

  • Technology Facilities

  • Special Events

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Security Force One, LLC can provide clients with an on-site  Armed, Unarmed, Uniformed, or Plainclothes security guards and mobile patrol to assist in deterring criminal activity and enforce applicable rules and regulations. This is the most highly visible security service that is effective for preventing violations while maintaining a safe and secure environment for staff and visitors.

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