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7 Advantages of Hiring Security Force One for Your Apartment Security Needs

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Giving You Peace of Mind on Your Property 

When tenants return home at night, they expect to feel safe, which is why hiring  Security Force One is beneficial for putting them at ease. Having a guard on-site to ensure there are no unsavory characters or criminal acts, such as drug dealing, taking place will make tenants feel much more at ease.

Furthermore, when incidents such as domestic violence or other incidents occur on the premises, residents can rest assured that any situation will be dealt with quickly and in the best way possible.

An on-site security guard can respond quickly to problems.

When an incident occurs, having a Security Force One security guard on-site is extremely beneficial. Some of our security guards have previously served as police officers. They've already been trained to deal with tense situations.

They can keep everyone safe until police, paramedics, and/or firefighters arrive to deal with the situation.Your tenants are also aware of the speed with which our security guards can respond. That's an added benefit for you.

Because you hired someone to ensure their safety, your residents now know they can feel safe in your apartment building 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even having a security guard stationed in the parking lot is a plus.

Many people are relieved to know that their vehicles are secure from theft and damage. Also, if tenants work late hours, they will feel more secure knowing they can safely get from their car to their apartment.

Domestic issues are dealt with promptly.

Unfortunately, the majority of crimes occur closer to home than any of us would like to admit. Many people are unaware that domestic violence is more common than they realize.

Domestic violence affects 24 people every minute. As a result, the majority of crimes reported in your building will involve domestic violence.

When you hire a security guard, they can respond to these issues immediately. Not only will this benefit the victims, but it will also protect your own property from serious damage and potential threats.

A well-trained security guard understands how to handle these situations. They can also provide evidence if needed.

Also, other tenants who may hear the domestic abuse may be too afraid to intervene. When this happens frequently, it adds to the stress on the neighbors.

Having one of our guards on the premises who can handle these issues makes all of your tenants feel safer, not just the victims.

Potential Hazards and Risks Can Be Identified and Prevented by Security Guards.


Security guards are commonly mistaken for police officers due to their uniforms. Most people are less likely to commit crimes if they believe a police officer is nearby.


Hiring Security Force One is a good idea because we can often spot issues before they become a problem, which is a good thing. Our guards can frequently solve the problem on their own.


By having an extra set of eyes to look for potential hazards or safety issues in your building, you can save money while also keeping your building and tenants safe.


If something happens to your tenants and they are unsure what to do, we can assist you in teaching them about safety rules and procedures so that everyone remains safe.

Our security guards are excellent eyewitnesses.

When a crime occurs, having a security guard nearby allows them to report everything they see.

That's great because not everything a security guard witnesses is violent. It's also useful to have a security guard on hand to notice which dog owners don't clean up after their pets.

However, if a break-in occurs, it will be a security guard who notices who left the building afterward. Security guards are also very credible witnesses.

Having one in your building means that any crimes that occur have a better chance of being solved quickly. It also makes your building a more secure and less likely target for criminals.

In addition, many witnesses lie or withhold information because they are afraid or traumatized. Security guards are trained to think clearly in a crisis and are less likely to be intimidated into not speaking up by a criminal.

Vandalism is not tolerated by our security guards.

Anti-vandalism patrols by our security guards are excellent. Vandalism costs a business an average of $3,370 for a single incident.

Vandalism may also have an impact on your insurance rates if there are too many of them. Then there's the cost of losing tenants as a result of too many vandalism incidents.

Then there's the time, money, and effort required to repair whatever has been vandalized. While a few coats of paint may not seem like much, broken glass and other broken objects may cause injury to your tenants and cost you more money.

Acts of vandalism are likely to come to a halt if a Security Force One guard is patrolling the area. It usually takes a little time to commit the act, which makes catching someone in the act easier for the security guard.

Using our Security Services Can Raise a Property's Value and Perception

Adding security to your apartment complexes or condominiums isn't just a cost. It's also a way to increase the value and profit of your residential property. The ripples of change that occur when our residential security guards are present are numerous.

  • Profits and renewal rates will be higher as a result. Security guards not only alter the perception of criminals, but they also alter the way residents value your property. Paying a higher rent for a secure apartment or condominium is worthwhile. You have the option of raising your monthly rental rates. Lease renewals will become more frequent if your property matches the quality of your security. Tenants want to feel safe in their rental property. They will be less likely to want to leave once they have found a place that provides a comfortable level of security.

  • Improve the Quality of Your Tenants. Tenants who are difficult to deal with do not like to draw attention to themselves. If you bring security services into your neighborhood, they will be less likely to stay. The ruffians are less likely to linger and renew their leases. Furthermore, increasing your amenities and rent price increases the quality of your tenants. People who are interested in your property will prioritize a safe location with appealing amenities over a low rent. Everyone comes out on top in the end.

Hire a Personal Security Guard Today

It is a win-win situation to hire a security guard for your property. You know you'll always have someone who is reliable on hand to assist you in managing your property and keeping it and everyone who lives on it safe.

It is critical, however, to hire properly trained security guards. That's where we come in. We are dedicated to helping you keep your tenants and building safe. We have over 20 years of experience in this industry.

With our adaptable security and safety services you can find exactly what you need.  Let us know what your needs are and get a quote today.

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